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Case Studies:  Vocalpoint

Response Media Scales the Vocalpoint Advocacy Program with Key Consumer “Influencers”
Procter & Gamble’s Vocalpoint advocacy program was designed to leverage the power of connected consumers as word-of-mouth (WOM) advocates. However, to get the greatest impact from the program, P&G had to scale it with the right consumers.

That’s why P&G turned to Response Media. The company challenged Response Media to initiate relationships for Vocalpoint with thousands of highly connected consumers who would discuss P&G products in their social networks, help stimulate product trials and build WOM buzz. The target audience was moms — women aged 18+ with children in their household.
Response Media developed a fully integrated media campaign to acquire the moms who would be most likely to try and share P&G products. First, Response Media researched and selected key highly targeted and contextually relevant sites that would meet the volume and low CPA goals P&G set for Vocalpoint. Response Media then launched the campaign and continually optimized it to adhere to best practices for advocacy and viral marketing.
Response Media achieved the following results:
  • Exceeded by 30% the goal to increase unduplicated records for the Vocalpoint consumer database
  • Surpassed the engagement target, with 66% of newly acquired consumers actively engaging with the brand
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